Monday, December 7, 2009

Reconfiguring the seat

As mentioned previously I have been eager to properly lower the seat (rather then just remove it entirely) so the boys can fit under the rain cover and I can still have a lockable storage area. Well it took a bit of carpentry (a skill I do not have to any great degree) but I managed to do it!

The seat comprises of two side pieces that bolt on to the side of the cargo box. These pieces have a horizontal groove to allow the base of the seat to slide into place and also a vertical groove that positions the front support for the seat. You can see the grooves here with the top and front of the seat removed -

And how it normally looks with the seat fully assembled and the mattress that came with the trike in place -

It was just a matter of unbolting the side panels and cutting the bottom off them so that the new seat height was about 10cm. The front panel also needed to be cut so the seat could slide in over the top of it. This new height is low enough for the kids to fit under the cover but still high enough to allow the battery and some tools to fit under the seat -

I had to install a new locking plate as the original one was now to tall to fit on the front panel. I also put two rather dodgy looking holes in the base of the seat over the charge port and the on/off switch so I can access these without unlocking and removing the seat -

The original seat mattress now does not cover the whole seat but with some velcro I've managed to position it so that it can cover about the half the seat and the cushion from Ikea sits on top of that. The seat belts were adjusted to the new height it it was all good to go. A very comfy ride according to the boys -

And while it was out in the sun I took a few more shots of the finished product. As you can see the motor is barely noticeable with the panniers in place -


  1. .....a question about Bugatti vs prairie hood options & seat height.... & fitting everyone in!!! :)
    Our boys are only mini (8 months and 3 yrs) compared to your grown up guys but I hope to have at least as many happy trike-riding years for us as u have enjoyed.
    Peter hasn't got to Adelaide & I've only ridden a bakfiets so far but your enthusiasm and that of another Christiania rider are truly swaying me!!!
    From what u have seen- what are the relative merits of the two different types of hood?
    Their dad likes the "cool" factor of the Bugatti (and I'm sure u agree the red IS magnificent! :) and I appreciate the "cover" for cold wet days - but airflow / sun protection here in sunny Adelaide may be of greater importance. Would you go for a prairie hood here?
    What are your thoughts and does one offer greater headroom than the other?

  2. Oh! And how do the boys find the adjusted seat height?

  3. Hey Steph. I went with the Bugatti rather then the Prairie mainly because it gave more head height. The Prairie really only gives maximum height over the middle seat position so in my case with two kids sitting side by side they would have eventually been hitting their helmets on the hood. Of course they are very large now and do that anyway (at least when the youngest rides in it as the oldest prefers his own bike now) but I definitely got more years out of the Bugatti hood. The sun was never really an issue as they always had helmets with brims anyway. The Bugatti hood can also be rolled out partially over the seat for sun shade if required (it has little clips to keep it in place). The adjusted seat height was fine for the boys when I did it and made the under cover rainy day rides to school more comfortable.

    1. :)thanks again Aaron. :) decide on colour! ;)