Wednesday, December 9, 2009

First Scout run.

My eldest is in Scouts and normally we would drive him there as it only goes for an hour and given the hills on the way home my two options on the bike would previously have been -

a) drop him off and then ride home up hill with the weight of my youngest in the bike and then pretty much turn around and come straight back again to pick him up or

b) drop him off and then hang around whilst trying to keep my youngest amused and out of the way of the Scouts!

But with my new found freedom to travel up hills at a great rate of speed (relatively speaking!) I was able to use the bike to dropoff at Scouts and then come home with plenty of time to get dinner ready etc before going back for pickup. Normally my wife is home before pickup time so I can leave the youngest with her for my return journey. And all the Scouts were fascinated by the bike!

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