Monday, February 21, 2011

Quick update!

Yes it has been a while since the last update. A combination of Christmas holidays, school holidays and not much happening with the trike are the main causes of the lack of posts.

The only issue lately was some weird noises emanating from the left front wheel - lots of 'clunks' as we rode along. The kids thought the wheel was going to fall off but it turned out the wheel bearings were the cause and I had these replaced (as well as the ones on the right hand wheel as a precaution). Got the front disc pads replaced also - they get a fair workout trying to stop my fully laden trike! Speaking of brakes the installation of Avid BB7s inspired a fellow Christiania owner to undertake the same thing with similar success. His write up of the Christiania and the modifications he has undertaken are well worth a read as well.

The motor is powering along very well. On a couple of tests of my range the two batteries I have now installed in parallel have given me full power for about 16 amp hours before dropping off. I routinely charge up well before this though.

I hate posting without a photo so here is a shot of the boys in the trike and my lovely wife after a trip to a local park. Happy cycling!


  1. Hi, Peter gave me your site and I have read all the blogs, I am deciding what to do, to either buy a 2 wheeler e-bike Christiania or convert a 2wheeler. I looked at bionix rear wheel motors but now have read your blog and I am even more confused, as I will not do any work as I don't know how..I want a 350w motor with high torque as I have a 30k daily school trip and want some extra vroom..I live in the inner city in Melbourne and I think a 2 wheeler suits me better,but they only come in aluminium frame and the e-version has a different frame to the standard. e-version had derailler and hydrolic brakes as standard. If I had lots of cash I would buy a joebike and import it or move to portland. Any help would be great Peter said to convert a standard bike, brakes motor, gears etc would cost 2,000..and e-version is 4,000 but the pedelec motor does not excite me, so i thought i might be able to swap out the rear wheel for the type you bought. I have been researching for 6 mths and found no info except on but I like the Christiania ride more. Any adivce is welcome.

  2. Hi Wendy-Jane. I know how you feel trying to work out the best way to go to suit your purposes! I was not aware the 2 wheeler Christiania had an electric version so can't really comment on how suitable it would be or how it would compare with the type I got. If you shoot me an email via my profile link above I'll do my best to answer your questions!

  3. HI Aaron,
    I found your blog via the PSbikes website. I'm interested in purchasing a Christiania, probably the light version. You fitted a motor to yours - is this because you ride long distances or is it just a heavy ride with the kids in the front? I have only one boy and I probably wouldn't ride more than about 5 kms.
    Is the basic bike very expensive?

  4. Hi Bree. The motor is mainly for getting up hills at a decent speed rather than travelling long distances. If you are in relatively flat area 5kms is no problem at all even with cargo. If slightly hilly then yes the more weight in your box the harder it will be! But it is possible to lower the gearing and get up hills ok even without a motor (you just travel at much slower speed). As an example fully loaded with the kids I used to go about 6km/h up one long hill but now with motor I can do it at 20km/h!

    Not sure on pricing anymore as has been a while since I purchased mine - you can even order a Christiania with motor already installed now (wish I could have had that in 2007!). Best to chat to PSbikes direct.

  5. Hi Aaron, Well Peter lent me a 2 wheeler. Nice ride but I found out I am going to be a trike person. I am not very tall and found the 12 stops to the local market for shopping tedious, in about 1km. I rode a trike and found the advantage of the stopping and starting for me who is 165cm (5'4") and cannot touch the ground even with the seat down, is the key to my riding with cargo enjoyment. My thinking is e-trike factory ready. Thanks for the tips. Wendy-jane

  6. Hi Wendy Jane. Yes I like the trike as well just in terms of not having to balance the load when stopped. You will have to let me know how the e-trike goes!