Thursday, March 4, 2010

Electric motor range

Am only now getting back into riding the trike regularly as the kids are back at school and we were away for Christmas and New Year.

I have been careful not to overtax the battery and have only twice hit the BMS cutoff (on recharge cycle 1 and 3) after I had pulled about 5 or 6 amp hours out of the 10 amphour pack. The cutoffs both happened whilst going up some sort of monstrous hill with a full load of groceries. However I only use the motor when going uphill so I guess that is the only time it is ever going to cut off for me!

My most recent recharge (prior to any shutoff) was when I had pulled 6.2 amp hours out of the battery and it still seemed to be travelling pretty well with minimum volts a fairly good 34.7 (at least I think that is fairly good as on previous charges I had dropped to 32). To date I have always recharged after about 5 or 6 amp hours and I am averaging about 7 watt hours per km actually travelled. However that includes travelling downhills and on the flats where the motor is not used at all.

In the next few days I plan on doing a big ride with a fully charged (and now hopefully well worn in) battery towards some of the more distant attractions we take the kids to. This trip involves some pretty horrendous hills that go on for a while so it will be a good test to see if I can get there and back on one charge and how many amp hours I can now pull out of the pack before it shuts down.

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