Friday, November 27, 2009

Progress report (2)

Well it is getting close now! I had to put some thought into the kill switch. My main issue was what sort of switch to buy that could be easily mounted on the bike. A quick search through Dick Smith found one that was close as I thought I could drill a hole through the cargo box and screw it on with the lock nut from the other side. However it turns out the thread was not long enough to enable this. I then thought about using a part from the Ezee kit that was not needed (due to my purchase of the CycleAnalyst) -

It is the default 'fuel gauge' that shows a green, yellow or red light depending on battery capacity. The switch is not used as far as I know but I figured I could open it up and rewire the switch to pins 2 and 4 of the pedal assist connector. I could then mount the gauge on the handlebars with the supplied hardware and hey presto - a kill switch! So I opened it up -

The yellow wire on the switch lead directly into the cable so I only had to rewire the black one to lead into the cable instead of the circuit board. I snipped the connector end off the cable and tested the black and yellow with the multimeter. First with the switch off -

No connectivity and then with the switch on -

Yeahh zero resistance! It was then a simple matter of soldering the black and yellow to pins 2 and 4 of the pedal assist sensor. I connected the battery, lifted the rear wheel and sure enough the motor will not start with the switch on!

The handlebars are now starting to look a bit crowded though! Below from the left is the thumb throttle, kill switch, CycleAnalyst and my original speedo -

A bit of trial and error was necessary to mount the CycleAnlayst's wheel speed sensor but eventually I managed to put it on in such a way that both it and my original speedo can be used with the one magnet on the spokes. I also needed to splice some more wire into the sensor cable as it was not long enough to reach the mount near the front wheel.

All the cables have now been 'tidied' up underneath the box -

So all that is left to do is to secure the battery in the cargo box and take it for a spin. That may have to wait for tomorrow though as the kids are home from school now and need some attention!

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