Friday, August 21, 2009

The kids are getting bigger...

Well the two boys are growing up fast - which is quite amazing when you consider my youngest who is 4 refuses to eat just about everything I put in front of him! Anyway whilst they can both still sit on the storage box / seat, I am unable to put the hood over them when it rains unless they crouch down. This photo of the boys and my lovely wife taken 5 months ago shows how the eldest is well over the side hood frames and they have only gotten taller since!

To rectify this Peter from PSBikes kindly sent me some cushions from IKEA that are just the right size for placing on the floor of the box. Unfortunately (and to the disappointment of many) there is no IKEA near us where I could get them!

Originally I was thinking of reducing the height of the seat so I could still lock a few items away in the box. I may yet do that, however to start with I thought I would just remove the seat entirely and see how the boys go. When I originally purchased the trike I ordered an extra lap seat belt so I simply installed that at floor level. I was able to utilise the existing bolt holes that attach the side panels of the storage seat to the frame of the box so no drilling was required! As you can see here the boys can now be seated a lot lower and I can easily get the cover over them -
The other good thing about this seating arrangement is my youngest can sit facing the other way and both boys can have some more elbow room -

Not sure yet if I will leave this seating arrangement in permanently or squeeze the cushion into the lockable box with my other odds and ends and just reconfigure the seating when it looks like rain. By installing a second seatbelt at floor level and leaving the original one in place as illustrated in the next photo I can easily choose either option on the go!

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